ECOBOT Scrub 75

Product : ECOBOT Scrub 75

ECOBOT Scrub 75

With a focus on robotic solutions for urban facilities and environments, Gaussian Robotics collaborates with leading industry experts to create machines that deliver key outcomes for facility owners, service providers and managing agents.

Designed with exclusive inputs from experts in the cleaning industry, the ECOBOT Scrub 75 features industry-leading technology in obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation. Built to be a leader in autonomous cleaning, it might be the only machine you will ever need to save cost, increase productivity and keep your premises in pristine conditions.



OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE - No matter how you try to block the route, the ECOBOT Scrub75 will dynamically route around obstacles and alert you on areas which it skipped, so you can send it back to touch up on those areas


EDGE-TO-EDGE CLEANING - Check out how close the ECOBOT Scrub75 gets to the edges!


CORNER CLEANING - With a revolutionary front-mounted brush head design, the ECOBOT Scrub75 gets right into corners and scrubs them autonomously


AUTOCOVER - The ECOBOT plans its own route autonomously, ensuring full coverage cleaning within the perimeter, consistently and effectively


SLOPE CLEANING - Ever had autonomous cleaning restricted by slopes? Not anymore with the ECOBOT Scrub75. With specially sourced drive motor wheels, the ECOBOT ensures cleaning is done on slopes up to 10 degrees, autonomously.

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